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Anchor Bracelets Collection

Anchor jewelry had various meanings throughout the history. In the early times of Christianity, anchor was the symbol of Christians who wanted to practice their religion freely. It was a secret code among them to avoid prosecution by the Romans.

Philosophically, anchor jewelry express many different meanings around the world. It is a sign of inner strength and stability, it is a symbol of hope, it is an indication of wealth and power. Anchor symbols have also been the most popular items among the sailors as well. They carry their anchor bracelets to exhibit their endurance and strength against the biggest waves on the ocean.

In the modern era, anchor bracelets are very popular and trendy jewelry pieces among fashionistas all around the world. They are golablly embraced as a fashion jewelry by the most popular brands.

Jewelrfiy introduces here the first collection of nautical line jewelry: Anchor Bracelets. Our collection includes cool bracelets made of genuine leather, PU leather or nautical ropes to choose among depending on your taste and budget.

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Black Braided Leather Anchor Bracelet
Regular price $33.00 $22.95
Steel Anchor Charm Silicone Bracelet
Regular price $27.00 $20.00
CZ Paved Steel Anchor Bracelet
Regular price $31.95 $24.95
Vintage Brown Leather Anchor Bracelet
Regular price $33.50 $21.95
Blue Multilayer Wrap Anchor Bracelet
Regular price $20.95 $14.00
Smooth Leather Anchor Bracelet
Regular price $27.95 $18.95
Anchor Nautical Rope Bracelet
Regular price $21.00 $12.95
Black Braided Leather Anchor Bracelet

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Black Braided Leather Anchor Bracelet

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